H87210p OTA for T-Mobile LG G6

Heads up, fellow T-Mobile LG G6 owners! A new software update (build H87210p) is rolling out to our phones with the August security updates, as well as an “improvement to your messaging experience”.

I threw that last portion in quotations because that’s what the update screen says, but I haven’t noticed any differences with messaging, nor are there any changes mentioned on the software changelog page for the device. The only things mentioned there are security updates and standard and vague stability enhancements. Yay.

At any rate, the update weighs in at a hefty 696.6 MB, so it’s highly likely there are changes I’m unaware of. I just got the update two nights ago, and I was on vacation with the family over the weekend, so I haven’t had much time to notice anything new, yet. One thing is for sure: It’s still Android 7.0, so if you were hoping for a 7.1.* update, you’re S-O-L, unfortunately.

H87210p OTA for T-Mobile LG G6 Screenshot

How to manually download H87210p OTA

If you’re rocking a G6 and haven’t gotten a notification regarding an OTA update, you can manually check for it yourself. Head into Settings > About Phone > Update Center > System Updates.

I just happened to check the other night and the update was there for me, so it should be for you, as well. If not, try again in the next day or so, as it’s definitely on its way.

G6 owners, have you gotten the H87210p update yet? Notice anything new and worth mentioning? Hit us up in the comment thread with all the juicy details!


    • Sorry to hear that, Lynne. Have you installed any new apps recently? I ask because I haven’t ran into this issue on my G6 yet, and I’m thinking it may be an app that’s causing those ads.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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