If you like taking and sharing photos, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and download GuruShots. It’s an app for Android (there’s an iPhone app in the works, but it’s not out yet) dubbed “The World’s Greatest Photography Game“. And somehow, I never heard of this app until earlier tonight; now, I’m addicted.

How does GuruShots work?

GuruShots is community-based and features themed photo challenges in which users submit their own original work. The photo that receives the most votes from other community members in a particular challenge wins.

You are encouraged to vote on others’ photos, and in fact, you’re even rewarded for doing so. Voting on a photo – a simple tap is all it takes – actually gives your own photos more exposure. When your Exposure Bonus meter is full, more eyes land on your shots, thus increasing your chances of getting votes.

When you first download and install the app, you have to create an account, and then upload four photos. These four shots go into the “Newbie of the Month” challenge – your welcome to the community if you will. From there, you’re free to enter any other open challenges you want.

GuruShots features

GuruShots is a photography app that connects, inspires and educates photo enthusiasts around the world. It’s an amazingly fun way to showcase your photos.

The best photo app to get exposure for your photos, instant feedback and votes from millions of photographers, win a daily photo contest and take your photography skills to the next level.


This is your chance to shine! Take part in daily photo challenges, show your photography capabilities and win photo contests


Other than getting amazing exposure and instant feedback from 400M+ monthly votes, every photo competition has amazing prizes, so all that is left is just to play and win


Connect through Facebook, Instagram or your email to easily upload your photos from your device or any social profile and start playing.


Browse our themed photo challenges, submit your best photos and start playing. By submitting your photos and voting for other people’s photos that you like, you receive instant feedback and huge exposure from millions of photography fans worldwide.


Vote on other photos to get maximum exposure to your photos, swap photos to experiment which work best and work your way up the rank for more feedback, votes, comments and win prizes per each photo competition. Starting off as a “Newbie”, you accumulate points and achievements, working your way up the ranks all the way to becoming a “Guru”, the ultimate proof of your photographic talent.


Each photography contest has few winners based on the votes they get – Top Photographer, Top Photo and Guru’s Pick. You’ll get amazing awards and even get exhibited in amazing photo exhibitions in galleries and photo fairs around the world.


Anyone who’s passionate about photography, either using mobile phone camera or a DSLR camera, you can create amazing pictures and images that can win any picture contest. Join our millions of members on GuruShots photography social community and enjoy the ride.

This is an awesome way to not only get some recognition for your work, but you get to see a lot of cool photos from people around the world, too. And you get to have a little fun at the same time.

Win, win, right?


GuruShots is free to download but does contain in-app purchases. You can buy boosts (get more views), photo swaps (swap a photo you’ve submitted to a challenge for another photo), and autofills (automatically fill Exposure Boost meter without voting).

There’s also a browser version available on the GuruShots website.

Download GuruShots

GuruShots - Photography Game
GuruShots - Photography Game
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot
  • GuruShots - Photography Game Screenshot

Refer friends for bonuses

Referring friends gives you bonuses, like boosts, photo swaps, and autofills, without having to pay for them. This is my chance to shamelessly plug my own referral link. Thank you kindly in advance, should you decide to use it.

Now, get out there and take some photos!