New Play Store UI December 2017

The Google Play Store UI appears to have gotten an update today. I just noticed this new row of tabs while updating apps on my Pixel 2 a few minutes ago. It’s basically a bunch of quick access shortcuts to subcategories and whatnot. It’s nice and all, but their appearance isn’t all that spectacular, in terms of design.

New Google Play Store UI

The new row appears on the Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Books, and Newsstand sections of the Play Store app, and each tab on the new row bunches titles by groupings like Top Charts and Editors’ Choice. The aim here looks to be making it easier to discover new and trending apps, games, and other offerings for Android devices.

One tab worth pointing out is the Early Access tab that shows up in the Apps section. You’ll find new and “unreleased” apps here, and have the chance to beta test new releases before they’re officially official.

What have you, friends and family? Anyone else seeing this new Play Store UI? If so, which device are you using? I’m not sure if this is just something El Googs is testing, or if it’s more of a widespread release that’s just rolling out. It’s tough to tell – Google is always messing with things.

Christmas Giveaway Series reminder

In case you missed it, or in case it slipped your mind, don’t forget we’re running our Christmas Giveaway Series right now. We’ve teamed up with a number of developers in the community to bring you some awesome prizes, and there’s some pretty cool stuff up for grabs.

We’ll be announcing the winners of our Flux and Flux White Substratum Themes giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! There’s still a couple of hours left to enter on that one, if you haven’t already done so.