The state of Google+ these days is somewhat horrendous. In some aspects, you have this beautiful community full of tech enthusiasts, developers, photographers, foodies, and other folks who simply like to create. And these folks are honestly some of the best you’ll find on the Internet. There’s usually always someone willing to help, regardless of where help is needed.

But there are also some aspects of Google+ that are absolutely killing the platform. Not just for me, but for entire groups of people. And Google seems to give zero fucks about it – pardon my French.

And between buggy “features” and what seems to be a neverending barrage of porn spam comments, it’s no surprise that engagement is down to an all-time low on the search giant’s social media platform.

It’s a damn shame, too.

Google+ used to be the best social network around, for me anyway. There’s far too much drama and personal grievance on Facebook, and Twitter is essentially a stomping ground for the politically insane. G+ was a platform for creating and sharing with likeminded individuals, but now, all said individuals are jumping ship.

Porn bots. Porn bots, everywhere on Google+!

One of the most annoying things that drive folks away from Google+ is the porn bots. If you’ve spent any time on the network, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You take the time and effort to come up with something worthy of sharing. Your content is great, and so is your delivery. You get a few natural +1’s; maybe a comment or two, as well.

And that’s when the porn bots come into play and screw everything up.

Most of the time, you’ll get a comment from an obviously fake profile with a link to either an adult-rated website or a post on Google+ with sexually explicit material. Today, for example, it’s absolutely out of control.

I’ve shared two of our articles on G+ today, and both posts have been blitzed with comments from a user that I won’t even name in this article because I don’t want Google to think I’m promoting this crap. Take a look at the screenshots, and check out the posts here and here for yourself.

Effective social media takes work, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

I used to delete the comments and block/report the offender, but now it just feels like too much work. Creating content in itself is already time-consuming enough. I shouldn’t have to spend even more time policing posts for ridiculous bots that don’t exist on any other network outside of Google’s.

Google, if you’re listening, PLEASE FIX THIS! I’ve been a user since the beta days of Google+, and I know a bunch of other folks who have been, too. We all feel the same, and I speak on behalf of the group when I say that we miss the old days.

There’s still some time left before the ship that is Google+ sinks for good, but it’s taking on water, and it’s going down fast. Hopefully, something can be done before the entire crew bails and I’m forced to go with them.