Original Pixel and Pixel 2 phone owners can soon access Google Lens from within the Assistant screen. Up until now, the only way to access Lens was through the Google Photos app. There’s a tappable Lens icon on individual photos that, when pressed, invokes Google Lens.

Users won’t be limited to that sole option moving forward, as the same Lens icon will now show up in the bottom right corner of the Google Assistant screen. Pressing the Lens icon opens a camera viewfinder, and tapping anywhere on the screen starts the search. Results appear as a carousel of cards that link to the results Lens thinks are most appropriate for your search.

Google Lens Assistant

For more in-depth information about Google Lens, you should check out the review I wrote. It’s a pretty cool feature, but it has some growing to do. Expanding to Assistant is a great start, and I hope to see it continue to evolve.

When will Google Lens hit Assistant on my device?

According to a report from 9to5Google, the roll-out is starting, and should hit phones “in the coming weeks”. It isn’t immediately clear if an update to the Google app is needed, or if it’s just a server-side thing that rolls out in the background.

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Our source provided the screenshots above, but the new feature hasn’t hit any of their devices yet – and the same can be said here. I checked on my Pixel 2 and on my Pixel 2 XL review unit, and neither one has the Lens icon on the Assistant screen just yet.

Friends and family – do us a favor and check your Assistant app. Do you see the Google Lens icon? Stop back and let us know in the comment thread, please?