Well, they proved me wrong. I said I was skeptical I’d get it on Thursday of this week considering its Wednesday departure. And I did end up getting it at 10:30 AM on Thursday, November 9th. So, now it’s time for our Google Home Mini unboxing.

It’s super impressive that Google sent it out overnight. It could be because it came from Illinois and I’m in Iowa. I’ve heard longer ETAs from a few people, though. Whatever the case – I’ve got mine!

If you’re still waiting on yours, or if you’re on the fence about buying a Google Home Mini, have a look at my unboxing video. The actual part where I unbox this little beast is short, so I threw in a few awesome and funny commands you’ll want to toy with, if and when you do get one of your own.

Google Home Mini Unboxing + 10 Awesome Commands to Try

In case you didn’t see it already, Rob wrote an article in which he gives his thoughts about the Google Home Mini. I’ll also do a full review, and maybe a showdown of the Mini vs the Amazon Echo Dot if there’s any interest in that from you folks.

If that’s something you’d like to see, hit me up in the comment thread.

Hey Google, did you fart?