Today at Google’s event, they announced two near speakers to bring Google Assistant into your home. The Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max are successors of the Google Home.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a simplified, smaller version of the Google Home. It also cuts the price down nearly by half, at just $49 USD, and $79 CAD.

Google Home Mini

Three colours will be available; Chalk, Charcoal, or Coral. Coral is an exclusive to the Google Play Store.

Controlling the device without voice will be much the same as the current Google Home. Tap the top-centre to activate Google Assistant. Tap the left or right side to control volume. There is also a microphone mute switch on the side.

You can buy the Google Home Mini now from the Google Store, and the site says it will ship by October 18th.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max

Despite all of the leaks and rumours floating around, one that never caught my eye was the Google Home Max, and it was a bit of treat to be surprised by something.

This new, larger, and much louder device will cost you a lot more than the Google Home and Google Home Mini. The price tag is $399 USD, which is roughly $500 CAD. You won’t be able to order this one until December though, so keep an eye on Android Unfiltered to learn more then.

For the time being, we know the Google Home Max is loud. Google stated it is over 20 times louder than the original Google Home. I own a Google Home, and it already gets very loud. I keep the volume down to about half, which is more than enough.

Some other perks of this model are that it will adjust the volume automatically depending on ambient noise in the room, and the time of day. It also has AUX input, Bluetooth, and Casting.

Google Assistant Improvements

Google Assistant

I felt this article would be a good place to mention some new improvements announced that are coming to Google Assistant.

Google says they’ll be extending current routines, like “My day”. They’ll be adding on more actions, such as when you say, “Good morning!”, your Google Home (Mini/Max), or phone with Assistant, will turn on the lights, start your coffee maker, and more.

Saying the phrase, “Okay Google, find my phone!” will be coming soon too. Personally, I’d find this handy since my Google Home is always in the same place, yet I am terrible at forgetting where I put down my smartphone.

If you have to have multiple Google Home devices, you will be able to broadcast messages to other Google Home units. In my case, if I am in the bedroom, and my kids are in the living room, I could broadcast “Ok kids, time to get ready for school!” from my (future) Google Home Mini to my Google Home.

Speaking of kids, Google also announced family link accounts. Kids will be able to say, “Hey Google! Let’s learn!” and Google Assistant will launch kid-friendly programming. “Hey Google, tell me a story!” and Google Assistant will read fairy tails.¬†Google has mentioned they’ve partnered with Disney and other brands to help support these features.