Google Home Max

Google Home Max – the big brother of the Home lineup of smart speakers – is available now from multiple retail outlets. First announced back at Google’s Pixel 2 unveiling event in October, the Google Home Max was a bit sluggish in making its way to consumers. This comes as no surprise. Smooth product launches aren’t something Google is good at.

The Google Home Max packs two 4.5-inch subwoofers for deep bass and custom tweeters for clean highs into a rigid housing encased in acoustically transparent fabric to keep audio composed. And as is the case with all of Google’s Home lineup, the Max is powered by Google Assistant, so you get all the same functionality you do with the Original and Mini models.

It also with a bigger price tag, as I’m sure you guessed.

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I already own two original Google Home speakers and three Home Mini’s. That said, I can’t foresee a Max in my future. But if you’ve got a few hundred bucks to throw at some cool tech… I wouldn’t judge you if there’s one in your future.

Of course, after that awkward little spying incident with the Mini, I wouldn’t blame if you decide to skip the Max altogether.

Buy the Google Home Max ($399)

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Any takers here? Hit me in the comment thread with your thoughts.