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An awesome new feature is rolling out to the Google Home, and it lets you place voice calls directly from the smart speaker itself. The update already landed on our Home, so I wanted to write up a quick article to show you how it works and how to place a call for yourself. It’s surprisingly easy, too.

To begin, you’ll obviously need a Google Home with an active Internet connection. You simply say, “Okay, Google, Call Mike,” for example. The first time you place a call, you’ll get a disclaimer letting you know that you can’t place emergency calls via the device. It also explains that when you’re ready to end a call, all you have to do is say, “Okay, Google, hang up,” or tap the top of the speaker to terminate your call.

Now, if you have multiple Mikes in your contacts, the Google Home warns you of this and asks you which one you want to call. If that contact has multiple numbers, it asks you which one you want. It then gives you another reminder that you can’t call 911 and places your call automatically, after that.

Making calls on Google Home is pretty simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind

  • How To Make Phone Calls On Google HomeYou can call anyone in your contacts, regardless of whether or not they have a Google Home.
  • In fact, Home-to-Home calling is not possible at this time.
  • If you’re not a Google Voice or Project Fi user, your number will show up as UNKNOWN on the other end.
  • You can link your Google Voice or Project Fi number to your device using the Google Home app.
  • Since it links with your Google account, the Home is already smart enough to know your contacts. It can also easily identify local businesses.
  • Google Home can identify different users in your house by voice, so if you say “OK Google, call dad” it will call your dad without needing to ask which user is making the request. Pretty neat. Though even a single slip-up there could get awkward…

So get to it, Home owners. Go try out this awesome new feature, then stop back and let us know what you think about it in the comment thread!


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Google Home
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