Quality Apps and Gamer for Android

Well, it’s about damn time. Google is now laying the smack down on poor quality apps and games on the Play Store by giving higher priority in search results to those designed to run well.

According to a post on the Android Developers Blog, over half of the 1-star reviews on Google Play refer to stability, or lack thereof, rather. It’s not surprising when you consider how diluted the market is with apps and games that solely exist to make a quick buck.

Take out your phone right now, open up the Play Store and check any genre in the apps or games section, if you don’t believe me. There’s garbage everywhere.

Quality apps: A better experience for everyone

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t a few diamonds in the rough. It’s just becoming increasingly more difficult to find them among all the bullshit these days. Google is taking things up a notch now by giving a boost to developers who focus on stability when designing their apps.

The Big G is also offering guidance to developers to help them build top quality apps and games. Tools like Android vitals and the pre-launch report give developers helpful insights about their work, making it easier to identify issues like battery drainage and app crashes. There’s the Playbook app as well, which offers tips and best practices for growing your app or game business.

Good on Google for finally taking action against lazy developers for making crappy apps and games. But unfortunately, it’s a bit late. Because like I said before, you can’t open the Play Store without finding them around every corner.

At any rate, it’s still a positive note that the Googs is doing something about it, I just wish they’d done it years ago.

Are you an Android Developer? If so, take note. Google is watching, and so are we.

Source: Android Developers Blog


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