Certified Android Devices

Google wants consumers to feel safe when buying a new smartphone and has taken numerous strides in recent years to make that happen. In the search engine giant’s latest initiative to keep things on the up-and-up, the company has officially announced “Certified Android Devices”. But before you get too excited, there’s not really anything new here; it’s more of a public service announcement to raise awareness for Google Play Protect.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Google Play Protect is a security system for the Play Store that automatically and constantly scans your devices to identify misbehaving apps. It also provides safe browsing features in Chrome to keep you safe from suspect sites. Play Protect scans over a billion devices a day, according to Google. And while I’m sure there areĀ devious apps that slip by in this cat and mouse game, it’s promising to see security features like these that at least try to make a difference.

Certified Android Devices with Google Play Protect


So, back to Certified Android Devices. This is from a post on the Google India Blog:

When you shop for a new Android phone or tablet, we recommend asking for a certified device or looking for the Google Play Protect logo on the box, to make sure it brings the benefits of certification and additional layers of security provided by Play Protect.

It looks like pretty much everybody is on board in the OEM world, as the partner list includes pretty much every manufacturer you know – and a slew you’ve probably never heard of, too. You can see that list here.

What’s your take, friends, and family? Do you feel like Google is doing what’s necessary to keep your devices and your personal information safe? Could they be doing more? Help us kick off our Monday and drop us a line in the comment thread.

Source: Google