Goodbye HostGator!

Everyone bow your head and give a moment of silence for our friends at HostGator, as they lost a beloved family member Tuesday night. That’s right, boys and girls, Android Unfiltered has left the building and moved in with DreamHost! I’ll explain why, if you have a few minutes – pull up a chair.

So, I’ll start out by saying this: I have no ill-will towards HostGator. In fact, I had a pretty decent experience in my short time there as a site owner. But in looking towards the future, we came to the conclusion that – if the aspiration is to grow into a somewhat large site with a sizable following, it’s better to plan ahead and switch over to a dedicated host now, rather than waiting until we have a lot more traffic than we do now.

Money is super tight for us currently, so it was a big decision, even at only $30 a month. But it takes money to make money, and by making this investment, we’re building towards a better experience for you – yes you reading this now. It’s said quite frequently around here, but for the sake of being repetitive, we kinda like you guys. And we want you to keep coming back, so we strive to provide the best user experience possible.

Swapping out shared HostGator for dedicated DreamHost VPS

We now have a dedicated VPS with 2GB of RAM and 60GB of storage, as well as a dedicated IP address. This means you should start to see an improvement in page loading times if you’re not already.

There’s still work to be done on that front, however. We’re working in the background on our upcoming site re-design, and let me tell you – you folks are in for a treat with what Nitish has been brewing up in the lab. This baby is going to look sweeter than a brand new Cadillac by the time we’re done. We’ll talk about this more in the near future, though.

Keeping it secure with SSL

We also got a free SSL certificate with our hosting plan, so the site now works with links that start with https://. We aren’t forcing it at this time, but the option is there for those who prefer to browse with the security and peace of mind the padlock brings along with it.

Not only do we want you to have a great experience on the site, we also want you to be as secure as possible while doing so. Believe it or not, despite our “Unfiltered” take on things, there’s still a sense of responsibility in here somewhere.

DreamHost Support is top-friggin’-notch

While I’d like to tell you the migration process was silky smooth, I’d be a liar if I did. But that’s because I only semi-know my way around some of the more advanced aspects of WordPress, like site migration.

I used the Duplicator plugin, which is advertised to make the job simple. Long story short, it was easy, if only I knew what I was doing the first time. This leads us to the part where I rave about DreamHost’s customer support.

Long story short, I was in need of assistance during several stages of the migration. Each time, I was met by a friendly staff member who didn’t mind helping. In fact, some of our chats ran upwards of 2 hours during this process. Not once was I given an attitude due to my lack of knowledge.

Here’s a little secret: I’m impatient as all Hell. If I had to put up with myself asking all the questions I asked, somebody would have lost a limb and been beaten with it.

Other companies need to take note: this is how it’s done. You give us customers a little help without making us feel bad for asking, we’re going to appreciate it every time. We here at Android Unfiltered will at least; we can’t speak for anyone else.

So yeah – kudos to you, DreamHost, for hiring such excellent, patient employees. We love you for that, and we’re happy to call your home ours.

Looking for a hosting plan?

If you’re in need of hosting yourself, do be sure to check out DreamHost using our affiliate link – we get a small commission off that, which helps to keep the site up and running. They have great prices, too, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor there, as well.

Onward and outward, to the future we go, AU friends and family!

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