Nova Launcher Prime Giveaway


We’re also running a Sesame Shortcuts giveaway to sweeten this deal! Maybe you can win both if you’re lucky!


We’re still celebrating our new site design, and we’re doing something special to ring in the new look. We’re teaming up with our friends at TeslaCoil Apps to bring 40 of you a free code to download Nova Launcher Prime.

If you’re new to Android, or perhaps you’ve just been living under a rock for the past six-ish years, Nova Launcher is the premier homescreen replacement app for our Google-driven mobile operating system. It’s highly customizable and easy to set up. And with the recent integration of Sesame Shortcuts, Nova is better than ever.

What does Nova Launcher Prime entail?

What’s that, you say? Nova Launcher is free, you say? Well, yes and no. The base app itself is available free of cost. But Nova Launcher Prime unlocks a bunch of extra features, like Gestures, Unread Counts, and icon customization (sizing, etc.).

A Nova Launcher Prime license runs $4.99 without a promo code. It’s worth every red cent, should you decide to pony up and pay full price. In fact, I bought my own copy many years ago, shortly after the app’s launch back in 2011.

Throughout all of these years, Nova is one of the few apps that are still around and kicking from the old days – and it keeps getting sweeter with every update. The latest version brought Adaptive Icons along with it, making Nova the first launcher to offer the feature to devices not on Android Oreo.

Nova > Your favorite launcher app

Not only is it still alive, it’s the hands-down favorite among our readers. Check the results of our Google+ poll, if you don’t believe me.

So without further adieu, let’s get this party started, shall we? We’re really trying to build our Twitter and YouTube following, so we’re making those mandatory entries, but there are several options in there for extra entries, some of which you can repeat daily. The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning!

The giveaway is open now and runs through 10/9/2017 at 12:00a Eastern. You’ve got about two weeks from the time of this post to get in on the action.

Help us out, family and friends! Let’s break Rafflecopter the Internet with this one. Good luck to all who enter, and we can’t wait to hook you up with your copy of Nova Launcher Prime!

And GO!

Enter our Nova Launcher Prime Promo Code Giveaway

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  1. Wow this is a great Giveaway! Nova Launcher FTW !!! This launcher is seriously the only one to which I come back after testing many others ! Thanks to the Nova Team !

  2. Se que el blog es en ingles, sin embargo lo quiero dotar de una pizca de español y comentar por que llevo utilizando Nova Launcher hace aproximadamente unos tres años. Creo que el primero que te enamora del minuto uno es la estabilidad, hace unos cuantos años era raro encontrar un android que no tuviera una capa pre aplicada que enlenteciera el terminal, con nova se suplía parte de ese problema dejando la interfaz del “día a día” minimalista y simple, para que el usuario lo tenga todo a mano.
    La segunda sin dudas es la personalización, va de la mano con el punto anterior, tu puedes decidir que quieres y donde y de que manera. Esto ha dado de diferentes diseños.
    Y la tercera pero no por ello menos importante, las funciones y su soporte. Nova es uno de los lanzadores mas veteranos de la store de Android, sin embargo sigue dando que hablar, sigue incorporando nuevas funciones y mejorando aun si cabe su funcionamiento en android limitados. Así que por estos tres puntos (y muchos mas he he) es que elijo a Nova como mi lanzador preferido.

  3. I love Nova Launcher because it is capable of speeding up an old phone and also makes the phone much more customizable and makes the phone graphically much more captivating.
    I would be very happy if I received a code.

  4. The best launcher for android is Nova only bcoz of its high customizations, very user friendly and flawless working and these are the some of reasons that everyone likes this launcher

  5. Really like the freedom of customisation of Nova Launcher and the team’s commitment towards their product by keep adding new useful features like the Sesame Shortcut support, adaptive icons etc..

  6. It’s really the best launcher ever that no one can beat! I’ve tried much of launcher, nice but eats up a large portion of the storage, which is too hard for those Android users with only 8 gigabyte of storage like me, and laggy. Most of the launchers I’ve seen are too laggy and non-efficient especially for low-end devices with 1 gigabyte or lower RAM, that makes me angry but ended up installing this launcher, and I didn’t know it was great. I’ve been a user of Nova Launcher for almost two years, running it to two old Android tablet, running Jellybean (too old, yup), one low-end Huawei device running KitKat, yum yum and an mid-range Samsung device running Marshmallow. Endless possibilities, from desktop to animations, from icon packs to adaptive icons, from transitions to version varied system icons, and a lot more. I’ve tried different giveaways since I want to experience more from Nova. Good luck to all 😀 a N d R o I d is lOvE lol cheers

  7. I need this launcher but Don’t know why…!! Not even once I won any giveaways. 😖😭… Finger crossed 🤞

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