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We reached out to the “frank.” team, the makers of the $180 Android smartphone, about their recent campaign suspension from Indigogo. Here’s their response:

Dear friends,

How did we get here?

Many of you messaged us over the past 24-hours in shock of receiving a refund from frank.’s Indiegogo campaign. We were also shocked to hear about the suspension of our Indiegogo account. We weren’t expecting it.

Let’s be frank: our team made a mistake in our choice of language and design presentation, leading to misconceptions and serious consequences that we tried to rectify by cleaning up our campaign and in interviews with the media. But we didn’t do enough.

Though our experience with Indiegogo started out on a positive foot with Indiegogo “poaching” us from Kickstarter, using promises of free promotions and expert consultation, it ended with our campaign being abruptly discontinued without fair notice. We are currently in conversations with our legal counsel regarding Indiegogo’s claims, process, and damages.

We’re so sorry to our fans that have shown nothing but support since the beginning.

But Little Guys don’t give up. They punch above their weight.

What’s next for frank.?

In spite of this setback, we plan to push forward. Our mission is to introduce affordable smartphone technology to Canadians and Americans who no longer want to fork up thousands of dollars on a device.

And we’re going to fulfill our commitment because we. are. NOT. backing. down.

The Big Guys can’t bully us.

Throughout this journey, we’ve learned a tremendous amount and have found ways to better our process and lower our costs. We continued to seek out new manufacturers and test alternate moulds and OEMs with the aim of reducing costs and increasing savings.

Indiegogo may not have worked out but we aim to move forward with our commitment to getting you our product at cost-savings and in a shorter time period. Please bear with us as we work out the kinks and formulate our next steps. We’ll give you an update with details as soon as possible.

We’ve requested our list of backers from Indiegogo in order to properly thank them but we’ve yet to hear back from Indiegogo. Backer or not, please fill out this form in order to ensure you receive a discount when our product goes live through an online store.

So, in the craziest of ways, thank you to the online community who tore our project apart; you simply supplied us with constructive criticism, an enormous amount of research, and an opportunity to help us help our Frankensteins.

Stay tuned as we finalize the details. Everything will be available on our website. Thank you in advance for your patience throughout this whole roller-coaster of a journey.

Your frank. team

Mo, Fahd, & Sara 

So, it appears the train still rolls on for the frank. phone – for now, anyway. It will be interesting to see how these young entrepreneurs respond in the face of adversity. I won’t say I think they’ll fail, but I do think they’ve got a steep mountain to climb ahead.

Only time will tell.