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Last week, we unleashed our new look upon the world. And while it looked amazing at the time, there was still some work to be done. Now, after a grueling all-night pixel pushing session from our man, Nitish Saxena, we’re happy to say we’re at a point where everything is pretty well complete.

To be more specific, Nitish worked on our mobile optimization and got our sidebars and footers all set up and in proper order. I, for one, am in love with the end result, and proud to call this place my home. But it’s not just about my satisfaction. In fact, it’s less about mine and more about yours – our friends and family.

Mission accomplished: New design = compete

Now that the dust has settled from our recent site redesign, we need some feedback from you, guys and gals. Our aim in all of this was to create something visually appealing, fully-functional, and jam-packed with awesome content.

We want the desktop version of our site to look great, but as an Android website, it is vital for us to make sure the mobile version looks good enough to knock your socks off. And without tooting our own horn, I’d like to think we just took that leap.

Give us your feedback!

That said, I’m opening up this poll and the comment thread to you as a way of having your voice heard by the Android Unfiltered Team. We want to know your thoughts on the new look.

Are there areas we can improve on? Are you happy with it just the way it is? Also, feel free to shoot us any suggestions on content you’d like to see here or questions you may have about us, our site, or about Android in general.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. Without you, we’d have no reason to keep the lights on here at the Android Unfiltered HQ.

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