How to Enable Bluetooth on the Google Home

We’ve seen quite a few updates to the Google Home as of late, with the most recent being the addition of the ability to make phone calls. Now, it appears El Googs is rolling out yet another new feature to the smart speaker that’s taking North America hostage by storm. Now, you can enable Bluetooth and use it like you would any other Bluetooth speaker.

There’s just one thing: all the news about this update isn’t good news. Unfortunately, the experience isn’t 100% stable yet. There’s a considerably noticeable lag between the outputting device and the Google Home. This likely won’t affect you much if you’re just listening to music, but videos are a different story altogether.

I don’t have a decent set of computer speakers right now, and I’m too lazy to bust out the ones I’ve got packed away. As such, this news was great for me – at first. My desktop has Bluetooth, so problem solved, right?

Well, almost anyways. Because the connection is so laggy, it makes watching YouTube video or any type of gaming impossible. Guess I’ll have to stick to my Leophile EEL headphones for now.

Anyhoo, scroll down a bit for instructions on how to turn Bluetooth on, should you still want to.

Enabling Bluetooth on the Google Home

  1. Head over to the Google Home app and head into the settings for your Home device.
  2. Scroll down about halfway til you see ‘Paired Bluetooth Devices’ and click that option.
  3. Inside of there, hit ‘Enable pairing mode’.
  4. Search for your Google Home on the device you want to output via Bluetooth.
  5. Pair the two devices.
  6. Profit. (Kinda)

Some things to keep in mind before I send you on your way: You don’t have to be a participant in the Preview Program to get Bluetooth on your Google Home – this is rolling out to everyone now. Speaking of which, since the feature is going out in stages, you might not see the option on your device just yet. If that’s the case, check back frequently, as it should be there soon. I’ve got it on both of mine already.

Now, hopefully, they’ll get on fixing this lag soon.

Stop back and let us know when you get Bluetooth on your Google Home and if your experience is as laggy as ours!