Live wallpapers on Android devices are often really fun, sometimes interactive, and cool to show off to your friends – especially if they own something other than an Android. However, so many of these apps are hard on the battery. After the novelty of the live wallpaper wears off, we uninstall it and go back to using a static image on the home screen.

Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper doesn’t follow the common trend, in a very good way.

Easy on the battery

I’ll get this point out of the way before you read “live wallpaper” and leave this article thinking your phone will die after a few hours of use.

I’ve used Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper for a few weeks now, and not once have I seen the app show up in my battery stats (seen in Settings > Battery for most Android devices). I don’t know how the developer, Alexander Kettler, did that, but, I’m tickled pink that he accomplished it!

Simply gorgeous

As you can see from the featured image, the visual detail of the Earth, Moon, and stars are beautifully detailed. But this is a live wallpaper, which means a still visual doesn’t even compare to what this app does with the visuals.

  • The Earth naturally rotates.
  • The Moon slowly rotates around the Earth.
  • The whole background moves around as if you were circling the Earth.
  • If the sun appears in the background, a lens flare appears.
  • The Earth has a lit side, and a shadowed side corrects to where the sun is.
  • The shadowed side shows lights from the cities.
  • The clouds on the Earth are actually above the surface and you can see the distance.
  • If you opt in for the paid version of the app, you can see even more details, such as lightning storms flashing within the clouds in various locations.
  • There’s an alluring glow at the edge of the Earth if the sun happens to be peeking from behind.

All of the details in the visuals are just the tip of the iceberg. This live wallpaper app is also very interactive!

Fantastic interaction

Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper use your phone’s sensors to move the Earth, Moon, and background around as you move your phone. This is what provides something called the parallax effect. It gives you the sense you’re not just looking at your phone, but you’re looking into it as if it were a window. The Earth stays centered as you move your phone around, but it also acts as if it always remained touching your screen.

If you want to have some more fun, you can move everything around by simply touching the screen. Swiping between your home screens will move the background, or you can swipe up or down. If you own the paid version, you can use two fingers and pinch to zoom in, or two fingers away from each other to zoom out. The two finger touch will also move the Earth off center on your screen. Zooming in is a great way to see more details of the clouds and the storms within. You can even zoom in so far to fill your whole screen with just the Earth if you’d like.


If you use the free version, you customize some settings, such as the sensitivity of the parallax effect. The paid version opens up a whole can of worms.

  • Positioning of the Earth: You can start off being far away from it, up close, zoomed right in, at the top of the screen, etc.
  • Camera settings: The app will position the Earth and Moon to the sun according to the current time, a fixed time, or you can set it manually. There is also 5 camera presets.
  • Animation: The orbit rotation position is adjustable, as well as the distance the Earth will zoom in from each time you see your home or lock screen.
  • Touch: Control if you can swipe freely or restrict it to movements between the home screens. You could even shut it off – but what’s the fun in that?
  • Effects: Turn on/off the lens flare effect, lightning in the clouds, and atmosphere effects
  • Quality: Select anywhere between “Ok” to “Insane!!”

I can say with honesty that this live wallpaper app is fidget-worthy, as I keep toying with my home screen and adjusting settings differently to see what combinations I can come up with.


If you wish to see it in action before you even download it, check out the following video by CodeKonditor UG;

Worth it

Obviously, I went ahead and bought the full version of Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper. I have zero issues using it, and it just makes my smartphone look so cool. Even my kids enjoy spinning the Earth around and looking for the sun in the background.

Download Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper