2018 Emoji Draft Candidates

Emoji are all the rage in 2017. Prime example, there’s even a friggin’ Emoji Movie right now. I know this because my girlfriend took the kiddos to see it just last night. It’s as horrible as it sounds, apparently.

Final candidates for the next round of Emoji won’t be announced til Q4 2017, and they won’t go live til 2018, when Unicode 11.0 drops, but we’ve now got our first look at the draft candidates being considered for inclusion.

Some of the highlights include a face with uneven eyes and a wavy mouth, a super hero emoji with an eye mask and a cape, and frowning pile of poop. Cuz everybody loves a sad little turd, right?

There’s also some questionable inclusions, like a microbe, a brick wall, and the top of a head with no hair. That’s right – a bald head, ladies and gents. So, if ever you need to, you know, make a bald joke, at least you’ll have an emoji to back it up. There’s also a few that surprisingly aren’t already in circulation, like the kangaroo and the test tube.

2018 Emoji Draft Candidates 2

There are 67 new emoji in total under consideration. Apparently, there were a bunch more submissions that didn’t make the cut due to not being worthy proposals. If the bald head got in, I can only imagine how bad some of the ones that didn’t must have been.

Those interested in all the technical hooplah can head over to the source link below. There’s a lot to take in, so pack a lunch if you plan on reading everything. More importantly, you can feast your eyes on the entire lineup of emoji being considered. After you check them out to your heart’s content, stop back by and let us know what you think.

Remember, these are just candidates, so some of them will likely get the nix before things are set in stone. We’ll hit you with an update when more information rolls out, whatever the case may be.

On a side note, The Emoji Movie currently has a 1.5/10 rating on IMDB. That has to be a record, right? Feast your eyes on the only amusing parts of the movie in the trailer below.

The Emoji Movie – Official Trailer


Source: Unicode.org

Thanks, Cliff!