We’re still about a week out before the initial batch of Google Pixel 2 pre-orders start shipping. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a small taste of the latest Android goodness, however. In fact, we’ve already seen the new Pixel Launcher land on nearly all non-Google devices, but now we have almost all of the exclusive wallpapers for your downloading pleasure.

These come by way of Android Central, who spotted Reddit user shivy2390‘s post containing the three galleries: “Keep Looking”, “Underwater”, and Rainy Day. You can have a look at a few of the wallpapers in our gallery here, then head over to the links below to pick up all 44 of them.

Download the Pixel 2 Wallpapers

Friends and family, which of these wallpapers are you digging the most? I really like the entire “Keep Looking” collection. It’s colorful and just seems to best represent the essence of the Pixel lineup.

Happy Saturday, and happy customizing!