The Google Pixel 2 is about a week out from shipping to pre-orderers like myself, but you can get already get an early taste Oreo goodness, right now. The folks at XDA-Developers got their hands on an APK file for the new Pixel Launcher from the Pixel 2. It has both the calendar/weather widget and more notably, the search bar is now on the bottom. And it’s ripe for the pickin’.

Before I point you in the direction of the coveted download link, there are a few things that need pointing out. First and foremost: you don’t need root to install the new Pixel Launcher. However, if you’re using a non-Nexus/Pixel device, and you don’t have root, the Google Now panel won’t work because the launcher needs to be installed as a system app for this functionality.

You can also grab the Pixel 2’s new wallpaper app for the complete customization experience. Links to both apps are just below.