Substratum, for those who don’t already know, is a powerful tool that unlocks Android’s customization capabilities. Give our Subs feature article a read if you need a refresher. But for those already familiar, I have a theme I want to point out. It’s called Dirty Dark, and it comes by way of developer DeadmanxXD.

Dirty Dark is a gorgeous offering, and it’s also free on the Google Play Store. The only hindrance here is that you need a device running a Custom Oreo ROM 8.0.0 or Rooted Oreo 8.0.0 Stock ROM that has full support for OMS for this theme to work.

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For those folks savvy enough to achieve root and/or a custom ROM, this is certainly a theme I recommend trying – especially when it won’t cost you a dime to do so.

Dirty Dark installation instructions

1. Download & install the theme.
2. Open Substratum App or from Dashboard click on the fab select apply theme
3. When Substratum is opened give it full root permissions and also allow system modifications.
4. Click on the theme and wait for it to create the resource caches then click on the theme again.
5. Inside theme check the switch; Select to toggle all overlays’. Alternatively, you can click on the overlays that you would like to install (keep in mind that some apps, mainly Android system, have different variants that you can choose).
6. Click the floating action button (FAB) down the bottom and select Build & Enable.
7. Once that finishes compiling/installing with no errors, wait until SystemUI restarts.
8. Enjoy your new DIRTY UI.

Grab Dirty Dark using the Play Store widget below. There’s also a Google+ community for all of Deadman’s themes, called Fantasy – Substratum. Head over there to keep tabs on updates and other new offerings.

[Substratum] Dirty Dark
[Substratum] Dirty Dark
Developer: DeadmanxXD
Price: Free
  • [Substratum] Dirty Dark Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Dirty Dark Screenshot

Happy customizing, my friends!