The opportunities to stock up on cool tech gear and save a few bucks at the same time are piling up right now. Next up on our list of recommended deals for this Black Friday week is the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Bundle, which is on sale for $299 right now on Amazon, which is a cool $100 off.

Here’s the rundown:

PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle

  • Bundle includes: PSVR Headset, PS4 camera, and Gran Turismo Sport.
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat with Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation VR and challenge yourself in the ultimate racing experience.
  • Experience racing in new and extraordinary ways. Turn your head and aim towards the apex as you enter the corner.
  • Confidently throttle down as you look ahead at the exit to a blind corner. The future of motorsport is with PlayStation VR.

Gran Turismo looks sick, if I must say so myself. I already own the OG PlayStation VR, and this is one of the games I’ve got on my radar. Hopefully, Santa will deem me “good enough” this year, and I’ll wake up to a copy under the Christmas tree.

I won’t hold my breath on that, though.

Where to buy

I’ve added this one to our Influencer Shop on Amazon. You can find it there, along with all of our other recommended products, or you can visit the link below to buy directly. Either way, we make a small piece of dough for all products purchased using our links. We use these monies to pay the light bill around here, which keeps our site alive.

So, much appreciated if you do decide to buy anything!

Buy on Amazon $299 (Reg. $399)