Cosmicons Icon Pack 2

Hey-o, customization fans! We’re back again with yet another amazing Android icon pack to share in our efforts to make your homescreen as dope as can be. This time, we’re checking out a new launch from our friend, Lumiq Creative, on Google+. It’s called Cosmicons, and it’s one of the most unique icon packs I’ve personally ever used.

Cosmicons are built with inspiration from Google’s Material Design. The pack features over 200 beautiful hand-crafted shapeless icons, as well as alternative versions of many other icons. There are also 10 gorgeous high-resolution wallpapers included within the intuitively-designed app.

You can also request icons from within the app, which is always nice if you’re OCD about having everything coordinated like I am. The requests feature is free for those who buy the Cosmicons pack, too.

Speaking of which, this Cosmicons is only 99 cents, which is next to nothing to show your support to Lumiq for all of his hard work. Remember, you can get free Google Play cash with literally no effort, so you have no excuse not to pick this one up if you’re into Android customization.

Cosmicons Icon Pack - IconsCosmicons Icon Pack - Wallpapers

Cosmicons supports all of the major Android Launcher apps, as well as CyanogenMod Theme Engine. As you know, my personal long-time favorite is Nova Launcher, which Cosmicons looks just perfect on.

Lumiq is one of the younger developers on the Android scene. Don’t let his age fool you, however. He means business with his icons, and Cosmicons is an exemplary display of his dedication to fine-tuning his craft.

I can’t wait to see this pack grow, and any others that may come out of the Lumiq Creative laboratory in the future. If you like his work, make sure to give him a follow on Google+. I linked to his profile at the beginning of this post. He’s also on Twitter (@lumiqcreative) if you prefer to follow him over there.

Download Cosmicons

Cosmicons Icons
Cosmicons Icons
Developer: Lumiq Creative
Price: $0.99
  • Cosmicons Icons Screenshot
  • Cosmicons Icons Screenshot
  • Cosmicons Icons Screenshot

A quote from Lumiq Creative – 

Lumiq Creative is a small design company based in Poland. Instead of creating a lot of things, we focus on providing users with high quality work which they enjoy using and we enjoy making. We are open to feedback, without which we couldn’t be where we are right now.