Bullet Hell Monday is a game for Android that brings me back to my earliest video gaming memories. Those of you reading this born anytime in or before the early-to-mid-eighties likely remember the Atari classic, Space Invaders.

For our younger audience who didn’t have the luxury of enjoying the early days of gaming, Space Invaders is a simplistic arcade game where players control a spaceship and blast away at extraterrestrial beasties attempting to take over the universe.

Bullet Hell Monday is a similar experience but shows just how far gaming has come since the days of old. If you were around back then, you know it took a huge console, a bunch of cables, and a thick budget to achieve only a fraction of what we have in our pockets today; for way less money, if you don’t consider the price of the phone you’re playing on.

Bullet Hell Monday description

A bullet hell shooter

  • Enjoy an authentic bullet hell shmup on your smartphone!
  • Recommended Chapter mode for danmaku beginners.
  • Recommended Challenge mode for danmaku expert.
  • Huge content: over 50 stages!

Upgrade your ship

  • Use the points you earn after playing a stage to level up your ship!
  • Take your new and upgraded ship to the challenge mode! Aim for a high score!


  • Best suited to the introduction of bullet hell!
  • Starts from an easy stage, so you can gradually improve your skill!
  • Clear the missions set for you in each chapter!
  • Clearing missions opens up new stages!
  • Use the points you get in the chapter mode to upgrade your ship!


  • The challenge mode is for when you really want to test your mettle!
  • Upgrade your ship and take on this mode!
  • Select from EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and HEAVEN difficulties!
  • Test the limits of your skill!


  • The endless mode that lasts forever.
  • How long can you survive in the increasing difficulty?

Aim for the top slot in the rankings

  • Challenge mode has online rankings!
  • Try going against your friends for the best score!
  • Rankings are sorted by stage and difficulty!
  • Try perfecting your favorite stage or try to beat all the rankings!

Bullet Hell Monday is created by MASAYUKI ITO, and this is the developer’s only release on the Play Store. It looks to be well received, judging by its 4.8-star rating. And I can see why: it’s a great little game and a fun way to waste time.

Simplistic, yet beautiful

What I really love about this game is its simplistic style. You press and hold on your screen and drag your finger around to control your spaceship, and your weapons automatically fire while you’re moving, so you don’t have to worry about difficult controls.

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In fact, the only other control I’ve come across in the game so far is firing bombs, which requires a simple tap of the screen with a second finger while already steering your ship.

You’re at the lower portion of the screen with enemies flying in from the top, and your goal is simple: kill those bastards!

As you advance, the waves of enemies grow and bosses at the end of each level get stronger and more intense. You must upgrade your ships and weapons along the way in order to make it through the increasingly more difficult levels.

Upgrades are purchased using in-game credits or with real-life cash via in-app purchases.

The other thing I really appreciate is the graphics. For as simple of a game as this is, the graphics look really good – even on the Pixel 2 XL display that everyone is hating on. (It’s not that bad, by the way…)

If you’d like to give Bullet Hell Monday a shot – all pun intended – hit up the Play Store Widget below. The game is free, with ads and those in-app purchases I already spoke of.

Just be prepared – it’s quite addicting!

Download Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday
Bullet Hell Monday
Price: Free+
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot
  • Bullet Hell Monday Screenshot


    • I’ve definitely never heard of it, Halfey! Such a huge world we live it, it’s crazy how many things there are out there that everyone doesn’t know about, right?

      Hope all is well, my friend!

      • Haha! The game has been around since 90’s originally developed for the NEC PC98 computers and eventually landed on Windows but somehow the developer never bothered to make an Android version despite how popular it is. I guess someone got impatient and went to make something similar for Android gamers to enjoy.

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