Axent Icon Pack – 3000+ colorful icons to make your home screen sizzle

Axent Icon Pack

We haven’t featured any icons for a little while now, so why not, eh? Yesterday, I had the Axent Icon Pack suggested to me on Twitter. And since customization is one of our favorite topics here at Android Unfiltered, I gladly took a peek.

Good thing I did because this pack is unquestionably one worth checking out. It comes with over 3000 custom MIUI-inspired icons. There are 120+ Google app icons, plus icons for all of the major social media apps. It covers all of the system apps, as well.

Axent Icon Pack also comes with a stunning Material Design dashboard menu and includes 30 cloud-based wallpapers. On top of that, the pack’s developer, zipalign cypher, provides weekly updates to fulfill icon requests and adds roughly 300 new icons to the pack each month.

As far as launcher support, Axent works pretty much everywhere. You may know, Nova Launcher is my go-to, but there are plenty of compatible options out there.

Axent Icon Pack – Google Play Store details

Why should you want to buy an icon pack, while there are many here around, even mostly complete, that are also free?

There are different reasons. With a small amount of 1$ [the price of a coffee, which I need to stay awake at night drawing icons] you have something unique, which no other icon pack, especially free, could ever give to you.

  • 300 new icons every month
  • You can request an infinite number of icons, without any restriction or number limit, from the dashboard directly with 2 simple taps
  • Requests are fulfilled every weekend
  • Frequent updates [to add new requests in a faster schedule, you don’t have to wait months to see your requests added to the icon pack]
  • Email open to everyone who has suggestions or icon customization [I always reply 24/7]

Download Axent Icon Pack

Axent MIUI Icon Pack
Axent MIUI Icon Pack
Developer: zipalign cypher
Price: $0.99
  • Axent MIUI Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Axent MIUI Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Axent MIUI Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Axent MIUI Icon Pack Screenshot

Cheers, Vlada!


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