Anypro Adjustable Cell Phone Stand 2

The Anypro Adjustable Cell Phone Stand ($14.99) is the third product I’ve reviewed from Anypro. And like the headphone and tablet stands, the same quality and design standards apply here.

This company might not be one of the largest out there – and that’s just fine. I can tell you from personal experience that its products (the ones I’ve used, anyway) are all well-built, stylish, and affordable.

There’s not a bunch to go over here, but there are a few things worth noting. So, let’s give this stand a quick rundown, shall we?


The Anypro Adjustable Cellphone Stand is made of 4mm-thick aluminum, making it sturdy, but not excessively bulky. It sits on a solid, circular base that prevents the stand from tipping over. The bottom of the base features a rubberized anti-skip ring, which adds extra tipping protection, as well.

Moving up the solid “neck” portion of the stand, there’s a two-slot rubber cable organizer which allows you to feed a charging cable through the back of the stand to the charging port on your device.

The top of the stand and the device cradle connect to one another with a 270° adjustable hinge for optimal device viewing angles. The cradle is suitable for phones with or without a case and holds a load up to 4.4lb and devices as thick as 14mm (0.55 in).

Simply put, if your phone is too big for this stand, the 1990’s are calling and they want it back.


It performs as advertised. I’ve not managed to tip it over yet (with or without a phone in the cradle), and that says a lot. I’m kind of a klutz at times. Outside of that – there isn’t much to say here. It works, and it works well. It’s a stand after all, so I hope you weren’t expecting any hidden surprises here.

The good

  • Sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Amazon Prime-eligible

The bad

  • Nothing worth mentioning here

Where to buy the Anypro Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

You can pick this one up from our Influencer Shop on Amazon for $14.99. It’s also Prime-eligible, so you can get free two-day shipping if you want it a bit quicker. For more products from Anypro, check out their website at this link.