Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand review

Sturdy, stylish, and affordable.

Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand

Next up on the old review desk is the Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand ($24.99). You may remember my review of the same company’s headphone stand from a few months back. I was happy to see some new products rolling out, especially since they match with said headphone stand.

There’s also an adjustable phone stand, which I’ll cover in a separate review soon.

As is the case with most accessories of this type, there’s not a ton of information to go over here, but there are a few things worth pointing out.

Let’s get ‘er, shall we?


The Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand has dimensions of 4.1 x 4.1 x 4.7 (inches) and weighs 0.72 pounds. It’s made of alloy aluminum and has a sandblasted and silver anodized, scratch-resistant finish. The stand’s body surface is nice and smooth, so more importantly, you don’t have to worry about scratching your tablet.

Build-wise, the stand features a 5mm and 4mm solid circular base, which does an excellent job of keeping your tablet sturdy. The base has a 360-degree swivel design, designed for easy screen sharing, should the need arise. It has a 270-degree adjustable angle, as well, allowing you to prop your device at a desirable viewing angle.

There’s also a cable organizer on the “neck” of the stand, with two rubber-gripped spots to keep everything in place. This works particularly well for charging tablets in portrait mode, but not so much in landscape. Not a big deal, really, but worth mentioning just the same. The cradle also has rubber pads that protect from scratching and hold the tablet in place.

The bottom of the dock has a circular rubber ring to reduce friction and prevent damage to your desk. It does a pretty good job without making it difficult to scoot the stand a bit if need be.


The Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand cradle holds up to 4.4lb and devices as thick as 14mm (0.55 in), supporting 4-13-inch devices in either portrait or landscape position. It’s perfect for my LG G Pad X 8.0, but also works just fine for any of my phones.

Final thoughts and rating

I’ve got nothing bad to say here, folks. Anypro makes some pretty sturdy, stylish, and affordable products, and this tablet stand is no exception. At $24.99, I can’t find a reason not to suggest this product.

Where to buy the Anypro 360-Degree Rotating Tablet Stand

If you’d like to pick one up, you can do so on Amazon. For more information, or to browse the rest of Anypro’s offerings, have a look at the company’s website.