AndroidTO Developer Conference 2017

I was just at the AndroidTO 2017 conference in Toronto, Canada and I had an amazing time! Lots of people and excellent information being given out by the awesome selection of speakers for the event.

It wouldn’t be such a fantastic event without awesome sponsors such as GDC, TD, Symbility Intersect, the MaRS team and GM!

As I gaze over the event area from high above, you can see a crew of volunteer running around and getting the event ready for the slew of developers that will be charging in. At that time it was roughly 7h30 am and the event didn’t start until 8 am. I might have been a little bit early, but I typically am.

AndroidTO 2017 was a blast!

Just a little near 9 am and the opening of AndroidTO 2017 with people buzzing around. Sponsors getting ready to promote their reasons for being here. Talent agency sourcing out developers, innovative groups that are showcasing some of the stuff they’re actively working on and so on.

The topics, for the ones interested, touched a variety of aspects in the Android world.

  • Deep Android Integrations
  • Demystifying Android Security
  • Instant Apps
  • Flutter
  • Getting Started with Android Things
  • Google Design Sprint for Devs
  • Bringing Home The App Bacon
  • Android Apparatus: Blending the Physical and Digital Worlds
  • Programming Amazing Voice Interactions with Google Home and Android
  • The Ties That Bind (Data)
  • Introduction to Workspace IoT

Suffice it to say it’s one of those events that you need to attend to if you’re a developer on Android, especially if you’re in Canada.