Android Wear App 10 Million Downloads

Android Wear used to be one of the most exciting Android spinoffs for me. And although the current state of the platform isn’t necessarily promising, there’s still a dash of good news to report. The Android wear app – you know, the one you need to set up your watch – is the latest to join the “10 Million+ Downloads” club on Google Play.

As our friends at Android Police note, the download count doesn’t reflect any sales numbers for Android Wear devices. Google counts installations by account, not each download, so those with numerous Android Wear watches still only count for one download in that 10 million figure.

Regardless, one app with that many downloads is still an accomplishment, so props to El Goog on their achievement.

Now, if they’d just give us a little reassurance that Android Wear isn’t completely dead, that’d be great. I still love my Moto 360 (2nd gen), even though it’s a bit antiquated at this point. And I’m not sure I want to spend any more money on a platform that could potentially already be at its EOL.

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