Five Most Recommend Icon Packs

Customize Your Android is back boys and girls! That’s right. I know it’s been a few weeks since I showed you anything of interest when it comes to icon packs and for that I do apologize. You know, life gets busy and all that jazz.

Today, instead of giving you something new in the icon pack world, I’m going to give you Android Unfiltered’s list of five icon packs that we recommend the most. It’s just a bit of a round up of some of the previous icon packs we’ve featured in the past to once again show some love and appreciation for some really kick ass icon pack developers that we all agree do some amazing work.

Pixly by StealthyChief

Pixly is jam-packed with over 1800 minimalistic icons, hand-crafted with attention to detail you won’t find in most other Pixel-style icon packs available. The icons are bright, beautiful, and full of popping colors, and they look nice on just about any wallpaper you use.
  • Weekly Updates – New icons and fixes
  • 22 HD Wallpapers Clean, sharp, and minimal
  • Material Design Application – User-friendly interface
  • Multi-Launcher Support – Quick apply to your favorite launcher
  • Icon Picker and Search – Search and replace your favorite icons
  • Icon Masking – Unthemed icons are masked into a circle
  • Dynamic Calendar Support – Date on calendar icon changes every day**Dynamic Calendars Supported – aCalendar, Business, Digical, Google, Stock Calendar, Today

Pixly Promo

Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack
Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack
Developer: Will Windham
Price: $1.99
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot

Iris UI by Julian Gomez

Iris UI is a round icon pack which is hands down my favorite shape when it comes to icons. It’s been like this for a very long time and the more your lovely faces get to know me here on Android Unfiltered, you’ll discover I am very passionate about my round icons. Each icon within Iris UI is beautifully done in a material style design to match the main color of the apps default icon. Around the edge of each icon, just a few millimeters in from the edge, is a subtle white circle to give the icon a true pop and what I feel really sets it apart from most of the other icons.
  • 2300 Vector icons
  • OEMs Icons: Asus, BGH, CyanoGenMod/LineageOS, DirtyUnicorns, Google, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LeEco, LG, Motorla, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE and More Coming Soon
  • 12 Handcrafted wallpapers
  • Color variants for different icons.
  • 43 Folder icons
  • Dynamic Google Calendar icons
  • Support for many 3rd party launchers
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper support
  • Request tool
  • Icon Mask for Unthemed icons

Iris UI Icon Pack Image 1

Iris UI - Icon Pack
Iris UI - Icon Pack
Developer: myAP
Price: $1.49+
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot

Cappuccino Chocolate by coccco28

So what’s so special about Cappuccino Chocolate as an icon pack you ask? They are specifically designed to be a mix of two great colors, chocolate brown and a cream color. Sounds about the way I like my cappuccino, brown with a bit of cream and to make it taste just right, I need some sugar. And of course these icons will make your device look as sweet as ever with the amount of details that coccco28 has put into them just as he does with all of his icon packs.
  • 1640+ Beautiful icons. More being added with each future update
  • Kustom Widgets(you need Kustom Widgets Pro)
  • 13 wallpapers
  • Cloud-Based Wallpaper Picker
  • 25 folders
  • Dynamic Calendar Support for Google Calendar
  • Two dock images
  • More good stuff in future updates

Cappuccino Chocolate Banner

Cappuccino Chocolate
Cappuccino Chocolate
Developer: coccco28
Price: $1.49+
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Screenshot
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Screenshot

Hydrox Icons by David John

So what exactly are these Hydrox icons that I’m speaking of and throwing out features for? Hydrox are best described as a “minimalistic” style of icons. They aren’t flat, they aren’t material design, they are “minimal”. To put it in terms that most everyone would understand, they aren’t bright and flashy and showing off a lot of bling so to speak, but they are minimal and attractive with lots of vibrant colors or shades of colors in a lot of cases.
  • 1600+ HD Icons that are 192 x 192 resolution
  • 12+ HD Wallpapers
  • Icon Dashboard
  • Icon Request Feature
  • Dynamic Calendar for both Google Calendar and Today Calendar
  • Frequent updates and activity fixes

Hydrox Icons Image 1

Hydrox - Icon Pack
Hydrox - Icon Pack
Developer: dj23
Price: $0.99
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot

Cosmicons by Lumiq Creative

Cosmicons are built with inspiration from Google’s Material Design. The pack features over 200 beautiful hand-crafted shapeless icons, as well as alternative versions of many other icons. There are also 10 gorgeous high-resolution wallpapers included within the intuitively-designed app.
  • Over 340 hand-crafted shapeless icons inspired by Material Design
  • Alternative versions for many icons
  • A selection of high-quality wallpapers for your setup
  • Beautiful Zooper widgets
  • Support for most popular launchers and CMTE
  • A free request tool for unthemed icons
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Weekly updates

Cosmicons Icon Pack 2

Cosmicons Icons
Cosmicons Icons
Developer: Lumiq Creative
Price: $0.99
  • Cosmicons Icons Screenshot
  • Cosmicons Icons Screenshot

One thing we always ask here at Android Unfiltered is that you support the developer of any app that you use. These folks are busting their asses trying to make a living and they do so by making our devices look as kick ass as possible and they put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their work. There is absolutely no exception to any of the five icon pack developers we have mentioned above. Go and spend a couple of bucks on each icon pack and show these guys how much you appreciate what they do for us Android users.