Android Orellete

Where do I even begin with this? It appears we have a last-minute contender boys and girls. Remember how everyone thinks Android O is going to officially go by Oreo? Well, our good old friend Cliff Wade has other ideas. According to his “inside sources” Android O will be called Orellete.

Now, I’ll be the first to call bullshit on this one – and Cliff will likely be the second, behind closed doors, but his post on Google+ does bring up a good point. We don’t know anything for sure until tomorrow during the solar eclipse – at which point our pets are probably going to turn on us all and eat us for dinner, so we won’t be around for the end result anyway.

Sure – this post is click-baity AF, but it’s Sunday and we’re having a little fun today before we get down to serious business tomorrow. Even the Internet’s most infamous leaker, Evan Blass (aka evleaks) got in on the shenanigans and shared Cliff’s tweet, now the poor fella’s Tweeter-fications won’t stop going off.

Android Orellete. Dafuq is an Orellete?

Android Orellet evleaks Tweet

What have you, folks? Are you 100% sold on Oreo? Or did Cliff’s tweet get you thinking and now you’re unsure of the whole damn thing?

At any rate, there isn’t much time before we know the truth. See ya tomorrow when we find out for real!