Android O Reveal

Update: The show is starting in about 15 minutes, folks! Here’s the stream:


Today is the day, folks! We’re a few hours out from officially knowing everything there is to know about the latest iteration of Google’s Android OS. Will it be Oreo? Will it roll out to Pixel and Nexus devices today? The burning questions that kept us awake for many sleepless nights are about to get answers, and we invite you all to watch it with us!

There’s also a total solar eclipse happening today, too. It’s the first time the United States has seen such an event in 99 years, and you can watch it all go down without the need for eclipse glasses. Here’s the live stream for that to hold you over til the real news drops, which Google has planned for 2:40p EST.

Solar Eclipse Live Stream


I’ll be sure to update this post with a link to Google’s live stream as soon as the link goes live, so you can tune in for all the news. I apologize in advance, as our coverage will be behind that of the big sites. It’s just me here, and I’m taking it all in at the same time as you folks. This is also the first live event I’m covering in 5 years, so I’m likely a bit rusty.

At any rate, I’ll be live-tweeting during the event. I’ll get a post together with all the juicy details as soon as I can after the show ends.

Who’s watching with me?

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