Android Auto v2.5

Android Auto is growing steam, as of late. Google opened the app to smartphones a while back, meaning you don’t have to have a fancy new car with built-in support to use the service. Which is pretty great, considering we all know what happens when you don’t pay attention while driving. Spoiler alert, for those who don’t know: It’s not good.

We’ve now learned of a new feature headed to the app which will help users easily navigate to their appointments, according to an app teardown by Android Police. Android Auto v2.5 suggests the app will soon be able to read your calendar and suggest directions to your appointments. The snippet in question pertains to permissions related to navigation, music, calls, messages, calendar, and voice commands. All of the above were already active, with the exception of calendars.

What this means is, Android Auto will display the location of your next appointment, then give you the quickest route there. We’re not exactly sure how Google intends to do this, though. Whether they’ll show up as cards in the main feed, or in the screen for navigation remains unclear. Furthermore, we’re not sure when to expect the feature to go live, or if it ever even will. Considering AP’s track record with predicting new features however, it’s likely safe to assume it’s coming soon.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one and update you when the feature makes its way into production. If you haven’t already received the v2.5 update via the Play Store, you can grab the APK file at the download link below. Remember, you’ll need to enable side-loading in your security settings to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Drive safe out there, folks!

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Source: Android Police | Download Link: APK Mirror