Android 8.0 Oreo

Google kinda just trolled the entire planet. That live stream we were all stoked for? Turns out it was literally just a commercial for Android 8.0 Oreo. Luckily, the Android version page is live now, so we do have a bit more detail to share. Have a look at the ad below and then come back and we’ll get down to business.

I started it at the 30-second countdown mark to save you some time.

Android 8.0 Oreo Reveal

Android Oreo GIF

Hello, Oreo!

The slogan for Android 8.0 is that it’s “Smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever.” But what does that mean, exactly? Aside from the obvious pairing of Google and one of the world’s favorite cookie makers, of course, here’s the full rundown.

  • Behind the scenes: Android 8.0 is said to boot two times faster than previous versions of Android. This is measured using the original Google Pixel on both versions of the operating system. Android Oreo also minimizes the background activity of apps you don’t use often, which leaves you with more computing resources for the apps you use most.
  • Autofill: This is a feature that I’m really looking forward to. Autofill has been around on Chrome for ages, and it does exist in the Android version of Chrome, but it’s now system-wide in Android Oreo. Once you give it permission, Autofill remembers your password and quickly logs you into your favorite apps.
  • Picture-in-Picture: You’ll now be able to use two apps at once. Yay.
  • Notification Dots: A way to quickly see what’s new and simply clear notifications after you’re done with them.
  • Android Instant Apps: This isn’t new, nor is it exclusive to Android 8.0. Check out our guide on how to use Instant Apps on Android 6.0+.
  • Google Play Protect: – Not new, but worth mentioning, since we’ve yet to cover it. Play Protect is a safety feature that scans all of the apps on the Play Store to make sure they aren’t misbehaving.
  • Battery improvements: – We’ve been hearing this one for years. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • New emoji: Android brings a completely redesigned set, along with 60 brand new (and fugly, quite frankly) emoji.

Enough mumbo jumbo. When/where can I get Android 8.0 Oreo?

Oreo will begin rolling out to Pixel and Nexus devices “soon”. However, factory images for the following devices are already live for your downloading pleasure:

  • Nexus 5x
  • Nexus 6P
  • Pixel C
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Nexus Player

You can find those factory images right here.

It’s a sad day for me, as my LG G6 won’t see Android 8.0 for some time, and I’ll likely get the new Pixel phone once it drops, so for now, I’m going to have to sit on the sidelines while you guys and gals have all the fun. A sand panda, I am.

Be sure to stop back and let us know how you’re liking Android 8.0. We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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