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Thanks so much for visiting! Android Unfiltered consists of a small team of enthusiasts who offer a unique, real-life insight into the world of Google’s mobile operating system. We cover all kinds of technology, including both hardware and software, and we aim to do so in a way that’s both enjoyable and engaging for our readers.

On our site, you can expect to see articles about the latest products, apps, and games, and we have a heavy focus on device customization, as well. We’ll also be posting helpful tips and tutorials on a regular basis.

As for news, we try to keep up as much as possible, but being a small team of folks with day jobs, we simply can’t keep up as much as the bigger sites out there. Hopefully, that will change someday in the future, but we do the best we can, for now.

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Our team

Tony Simons
Founder / CEO / Lead Author / Lead Editor
Tony is an avid tech enthusiast with a love for all things Android. He has an award-winning sense of snark and sarcasm, spends too much time at his desk, and can usually be found avoiding the general public. He's also a firm believer in the 5-second rule.
Cliff Wade
Senior Editor / HR Manager
Founder and Chief Editor of TechDissected. I'm an avid Linux user, that's addicted to music, electronics, the internet, computers, Android, iOS and everything tech related! Rocking a Google Pixel XL, iPhone X, Razer Phone and several other devices that go beep.
Rob Blaich
Senior Editor / Graphics Guru
Rob is a New Media Designer by trade, but also has a passion for Android, video games, gizmos, and gadgets. This father of two and husband of one enjoys writing and sharing his nerdy excitement for anyone who cares to see it.
Nitish Saxena
Site Theme Designer / Wordpress Wizard
Moron with the IQ of a genius. Or perhaps a genius with the IQ of a moron. I was going to buy the book 'The Power of Positive Thinking', but then I thought, "Hell! What good would that do to me?"
Tony Sandoval
I am a professional Apiarist and business Handyman who still plays with Linux, Android Devices and tech gadgets of all kinds as I go through my day to day business and activities. I run the Bee Smart Beekeeping website and have been published in Bee Culture Magazine, Farming and TechDissected online magazine among others.
Abhishek Malhotra
Abhishek is a TechGeek out of New Delhi, India, who is in love with his OnePlus 5 (for now). He is unable to live without his love, so don't even think about touching it! He's interested in photography, passionate about music, and a lover of all things Android.

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We’re all over the Internet, but we’re most active on Google+. In fact, we’ve got an entire community over there, full of Android Enthusiasts, just like yourself. You should come join in the conversation. We don’t bite too hard.

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The site was founded on July 1st, 2017 by Tony Simons — A full-time father and Android enthusiast with a degree in Information Technology and a love for all things technology related. It went live on August 1st, 2017.

Android Unfiltered is privately owned and operated in the armpit of America — Des Moines, Iowa.

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