“abode”, the makers of a product I’ve been covering extensively in the build-up to my final review, announced new hardware and integration with two popular 3rd-party services, today.

1080p streaming camera

Most notably, the announcement of a new 1080p streaming camera, which provides live streaming and automatically upload video clips to your timeline when an alarm occurs. It also includes two-way voice communication, which is pretty awesome. God forbid, if anyone ever breaks into your home while you’re away, you’ll be able to yell at them through the camera and scare them away, hopefully.

Interestingly enough, the camera also has integrated IR LEDs that provide night vision in low light conditions. Combined with abode’s home automation integration, it can be used to record video clips, too.

New door and window sensors

abode Door/Window Sensor

Rounding out the mix, in terms of new hardware, abode also announced three new door and window sensors.

  • Mini door / window sensor – one of the smallest door sensors on the market.
  • Recessed door sensor – easily installed within a doorframe for invisible installation.
  • Slim door sensor – easily installed within a door or window jam and offers another option for invisible installation without the need to drill.

Say hello to Nest and Hue integration!

That’s right! abode now plays nice with Nest, allowing users to change and monitor the temperature in real-time and create temperature thresholds right from their mobile app. It also has LifX and Philips Hue integration, which is pretty nifty, considering I just reviewed Hue. The

The abode app will give customers power over the brightness, hue, and saturation for all RGB lighting from those brands. Users can also create and modify quick actions and automation that include the smart lights from LifX and Hue.

For more info on the new hardware and integration with 3rd-party services, check out the full presser below. And just in case you missed it, here’s my unboxing video of the abode Starter Kit, available for $299 on Amazon.

Stay tuned for my full review!