Getting to know Android

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a computer network technician.  I focused on building servers, server software, and network connectivity.  The tech tool I cut my teeth on was Novell Netware, back when Windows was still on DOS and Windows 3.1.  I love tech because I love the challenges it presents in getting things done in new, different, and often better ways.

I quickly discovered Linux and the already multiple distributions that it brought to the table.  Linux excited and interested me in its flexibility and not being so restrictive as proprietary software.

Fast forward to the rapid development of the World Wide Web, and the giant that transformed how we use it, Google.  Google brought us a new Linux derivative to work with advancing mobile technology.  That Linux based OS for mobile devices?  Android, of course.  It was practically a given that I would be drawn to it.

Why Android is my go-to mobile platform

Android has become so much more than just a mobile device OS since then.  It is a platform for a modern mobile interactive experience.  Android has come up against other mobile OS’s and surpassed them handily.  It’s no secret that Android dominates the mobile tech scene.

I choose Android as my preferred platform because it lends itself to more affordable devices.  It also has, because of Google, a very wide reach and is highly accessible across the globe. I increasingly use more technology and web-based tools and resources in the course of my business, offering professional apicultural services and business handyman work.  Having affordable, reliable, and consistent access to those tools and resources helps me do better business.

You’ll see me refer fairly often to my main Android tools, such as my Samsung S6 smartphone and my Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet.  These two devices are always within arms reach, anymore.

I write about Android from a business user perspective

There are plenty of tech-oriented folks here at Android Unfiltered who can give you all the gritty, tech details of the apps, the devices, and the accessories designed to work with Android.  But my Android “edge”, if you will, is to show where and how Android fulfills many of the needs I rely upon to be successful in my particular work world.  I see Android as kind of a “multi” tool.

In a way, being the imaginative and visual person that I am, I often think of Android being my digital toolbox.  Being a handyman, it’s a pretty obvious description.  I plan to go forward here giving you reviews of devices, apps and other cool ways I use my Android-based devices to take care of business.  Many folks are used to seeing Android and other such platforms or tools discussed from a tech world point of view and that’s as it should be.  I’m here to give you a look at all things Android from a non-techie approach.

Android is my digital Swiss Army Knife

Android as a tool, or maybe a digital Swiss Army Knife, helps me in more ways all the time.  Communicating with clients and vendors in a variety of ways is only the beginning.  I use apps for tracking bee hives and for doing estimates and invoices.  I use accessories and devices to observe, measure, and interact with the system and apps installed on them.  And of course – you might have seen my recent review of a Bluetooth headset. 

I use devices to take photos and videos of jobs in various stages,  I record audio notes and even podcast segments while sitting on location somewhere.  I get shots of bees, LOTS of pictures and video of bees.  Those tools that allow me to not just capture images, but to edit them on the spot.  With all the kinds of cool features like slow motion and adding text, make sharing those things even cooler.

The ways that I use my Android devices changes and increases all the time.  The creative uses and capabilities that continue to be added to Android allow for more productivity and efficiency in my business.  I notice that I am able to stay on a job site and still get things done that would normally take time away and decrease productivity just by increasing my on-the-road time.

Walk with me down this path

So there you have it.  This is my approach to Android and why it stands out for me.  I hope you enjoy my little meanderings here, and that they give you a different way to look at all things Android.  If nothing else, I might even entertain you a bit.  You just never know.  Writing about tech stuff isn’t the same as writing about bees for me.  At the same time, it gives me an opportunity to examine how I integrate technology into my work.  That’s a pretty good side benefit.

I appreciate and thank Tony Simons and Cliff Wade for letting me come here to share my odd angle and experience using Androidables (I like that word).  As I mentioned earlier, I am no stranger to technology or mobile tech in particular.  Having left the tech field professionally years ago and working in an entirely different arena now gives me an opportunity though to kind of have an interesting look at the tech I use and how or why it works.


  1. “Android is my digital Swiss Army Knife”. Totally agreed. An Android phone is a complete computer package on its own. Since Moto G (2013) I never really had to connect my phone to a PC because nearly all tasks I intended to do (mostly file transfer) could be done wirelessly via network drives, without the need of a special software. Heck I could even do that without turning on my PC, as long as the home wifi and my network drive is up. The only one time I required to connect my phone to a PC was when I try to resuscitate my soft-bricked Asus Zenfone 2 after a failed attempt to root it.

    Another great thing I like about Android is it plays nice with other platforms. Well for me the “digital Swiss Army Knife” doesn’t have to be Android but so far only Android qualifies as one.

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