Wells Fargo announced yesterday that over 5,000 of its ATMs now support NFC for card-free access. The company has roughly 13,000 ATMs in total, so we’re slightly under the halfway mark. The plan is to have all of its ATMs updated with the necessary hardware by 2019.

The new system works with Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or the Wells Fargo Wallet system in the Wells Fargo app. You’ll see a “contactless” symbol similar to the one below on ATMs that offer NFC functionality. These ATMs allow you to access your account without the need for a card, but you’ll still need a PIN number to make a transaction, for obvious security reasons.

Contactless Mobile Technology

Friends and family, do any of you bank with Wells Fargo? Have you tried out the NFC functionality at a compatible ATM yet? If so, what did you think of the transaction process? Tell us about your experience(s) in the comment thread.